WEF International Education Forum, 2015


Date: 6th-7th./June/2015

Tamagawa University, Tokyo Japan

General Theme : The History and the Current of New Education       

Memory of the 85th anniversary of the foundation of WEF Japan section



6th. / June

13:00-17:30  Field Trip
A Visit the places associated new education in Japan

12:50-14:00 Seijo Gakuen, gathering at Seijo Gakuenn mae station on Odakyu Line     

15:30-17:30 Tamagawa Gakuen,

18:00 Directors Meeting


7th. / June


Tamagawa University, Tokyo JapanUniversity Education Building 2014

9:00         Resistration

9:30-12:00   Free presentation of the results of the study

12:00-13:00  Lunch Time

13:00-13:50  General Meeting

14:00-15:00   Keynote Speech


Prof. Dr. Dr. Ralf Koerrenz

Lehrstuhl für Historische Pädagogik und Erziehungsforschung am Institut für Bildung und Kultur der Friedrich- Schiller- Universität Jena

Historical Pedagogy and Educational Research at the Institute of Education and Culture of  Friedrich Schiller , Jena University



Die Reformpädagogik: Historische Aspekte und aktuelle Bedeutung

The New Education: Historical Points of View and Current Significance

This lecture will be held in German with Japanese interpreter.

15:20-17:20    Symposium

The History and The Current of New Education


BRD On the Odenwaldschule

Jun Yamana, Kyoto University

UKOn NEF and Summerhill School

Yoko Yamazaki, Mukogawa Women’s University

USAOn Boarding School

Kazuhito Obara, Tamagawa University


17:30-19:30    Reception Party


Executive Committee

Chairman: Yoshiaki Obara,  President of Tamagawa University

Vice ChairmanTetsunari Ishibashi, Emeritus Professor of Tamagawa University

Secretary GeneralHiroyuki Sakuma, Professor  of  Tamagawa University

CommitteeMichiya Sugiyama, Associate Professor  of  Yokohama College of Art and Design



Tamagawa University  (Hiroyuki Sakuma)

Executive Committee of WEF International Education Forum, 2015

Tamagawa Gakuen 6-1-1

Machida city

Tokyo 194-8610 Japan

Email: sakhiro@edu.tamagawa.ac.jp



Call for Research presenter

It will provide a next two sections.

Individual research: Presentation 20minutes, Question-and-answer session 10minutes


Collaborative research: Presentation 40minutes, Question-and-answer session 20minutes


Those who wish to research presentations, please apply by e-mail, with the description for each of the following items.   After application accepted, you will receive a confirmation of acceptance reply mail and "Research Presentation Abstract" format.


Application Items

1.Individual research or Collaborative research

2.NameUniversity or Organization


4.Address, Phone, Email

5.Abstract (50 words

6.Field Trip  join or not ; Reception join or not


*Presenters can use the projector.  If you want the projector, please use your PC and connection adapter, etc…


Application deadline : 31st. March 2015


Abstract deadline : 30th. April 2015


Information: sakhiro@edu.tamagawa.ac.jp